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The Ecobrush®-system is made of Turboline brush elements of 100% polypropylene and a mounting plate that is a once-only purchase.

The sweeping qualities and the redress time can be compared with, or are even better than all-steel brushes. The Ecobrush®-system is applicable to all types of sweeping machine with a side-brush.

Ecobrush Systeem montage Ecobrush Systeem montage

By unscrewing some bolts from the mounting plate this will be loose and the strands can be quickly and easily replaced. After screwing the bolts back the strands will be fastened.


  • Unprecedented sweeping qualities
  • Comparable, or even longer redress life
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to assemble
  • 100% recyclable
  • No break
Ecobrush Systeem Turboline full Ecobrush Systeem Turboline close up

It is possible to employ the Ecobrush®-System for all types of sweeping machines. Where possible we will think along with the user and tailor the system for them.

The Turboline brush elements are available in different material thicknesses of 2.7mm, 3.2mm and 4mm. The length varies between 260 to 330mm. Moreover, the strands can be delivered in a 55 and 75mm fit.

Besides the practical way of assembling you will save about 70-90% of your storage space with these brushes!

Ecobrush Systeem elementen Ecobrush Systeem pallet besparing

Storing the Ecobrush®-System will save you 70-90% of your storage space. 1 euro pallet with 2160 elements = 108 sweeping brushes!!

Bekijk hieronder de demonstratie video: