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OKB-UFO Brush head for bush cutters.

Weeds are more and more often removed by means of brush cutters. The OKB-UFO is brush head for brush cutters that is easy to apply. Her specific shape corresponds to a weed brush so it actually works the best.


The tufts of the brush head are placed in a weak angle, so it is a lot more comfortable concerning ergonomics than with already existing brush heads, at which the tufts are at an angle of 90º.

OKB-UFO tufts


  • Firm construction that stands rough handling.
  • 20% lighter than existing brush cutter crew cuts.
  • Longer standby time by different brush angle.
  • Simple and quickly changeable.
  • Suitable for brush cutters from 30cc.
  • Fits every brush cutters brand.

Please have a look at the demo video of the OKB-UFO brush head below: :