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Besides the cable brushes Ecobrush also supplies a series of less heavy weed brushes; the OKB-HKG’s. This type of brush is very much suitable to function as a sweeping/weed brush on the 3rd arm of your sweeping machine. A machine equipped with this brush will have a considerably lower “shock-effect” than the far heavier cable brushes.

Ecobrush Onkruidborstels Foto5 The OKB-HKG’s have the following pluses:
  • Weight of 17kg.
  • Redress time of 16-24 hours.
  • Less damage from the surface.
  • More metres per time unit and thus more productive.
  • Less “shocking experience” for the driver.
  • Loose weeds and dirt will be swept into a trail.

Please have a look at the demo video of the OKB-HKG weed brushes below: